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Live Poultry

Our baby chick season typically runs from September through mid May. Chicks are shipped either weekly or every other week from Ideal Hatchery and/or Redwing Hatchery. Some breeds are available year round, and some are seasonal. Please call for price and availability.


Layers-Sexed-Other breeds available via special order.

  • Ameraucana
  • Barred Rock
  • Black Australorp
  • Black Sex Link
  • Brahma
  • Brown Leghorn
  • Buckeye
  • Buff Orpington
  • Cuckoo Maran
  • Delaware
  • New Hampshire Red
  • Red Sex Link
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Russian Orloff
  • Speckled Sussex
  • Welsummer
  • White Leghorn
  • Wyndotte


Meat Chickens-Special Order Only

  • Cornish Cross
  • Red Broiler
  • Black Broiler

Fancy-Not Sexed

  • Crested Polish
  • Naked Neck

Banties-Not Sexed

  • Silkie
  • Cochins
  • Frizzle